Foot Focused Whole Person

For you if....

Love Reflexology but want a 'whole body' approach

Have stiff or achy feet

Suffering from Plantar Fasciitis

Have back, hip or knee pain

Stressed or anxious

Cannot get comfortable in any shoes

You wear shoes, trainers or slippers

Want feet that function effectively 


What makes Whole Person/Body Foot Focus different?

Rather than just focusing on a Reflexology 'foot map' or 'face map' sessions are unique to each individual and have a 'Whole Body' application with no set routine or protocols.  To gain functionality to the feet the whole body must be included, even the jaw can effect the way you walk!

Sessions may include:-

  • Vagus nerve stimulation for anxiety & many other benefits
  • Soft tissue bodywork for Lymphatic efficiency
  • Bodywork for pain management 
  • Movement therapy 
  • Foot function therapy
  • Breathing/meditation
  • Red light therapy (great for pain)


The human form is designed to walk and move efficiently without pain or stiffness. For feet and body to be as one with 'whole' of you needs to be approached, just have a foot treatment can be amazing for stress and it feels fabulous but without function and whole body soft tissue application this may not give the desired outcome.


If you love reflexology but simply want more, a whole body approach may be for you 

Sessions are available in Dronfield. A minimum of 3 sessions purchased for best results