Time to take back control and resolve those aches and pains

Do your joints feel stiff?

Is getting out of bed in a morning feeling difficult?

Do you have constant back, neck, shoulder, knee & foot pain?

Are you unable to move with comfort due to pain & anxiety?

Do you overthink & worry?

Would you like to keep the body you have in the best working order?

If your answer is YES to any or all of the above you are in the right place!  


Whole person bodywork with a gentle approach because your not broken, you just need new direction...your amazing!

Bowen Bodywork

Is this You?

  • Have a back, knee or shoulder pain or any other pain that just won’t go away
  • Tried other therapies before but nothing has helped
  • Would like to improve your quality of sleep & learn how to relax
  • Would like to restore & maintain a better moving body
  • Want to rebalance & have a whole person approach 

Why choose Bowen Therapy?

  • Bowen is a gentle & relaxing therapy that requires no manipulation or adjustment
  • Clothing stays on during a Bowen session & relief is regularly felt immediately or within 48 hours in most cases
  • Bowen aims to help restore & rebalance the whole body having a positive effect on pain management, quality of sleep, relaxation & chronic fatigue & so much more……
  • It’s a great way to manage stress & anxiety

What happens during a Bowen session?

Treatments are for approximately 45-60 minutes. Following a full consultation the treatment consists of gentle rolling moves across key areas of the body over light clothing. Breaks are incorporated into the treatment to allow the body to rest & rebalance. Bowen helps to 're-arrange' soft tissue in order for you to move efficient and pain free.  Because of the repeated patterns we do such has sitting the fascia/tissues can become ‘stuck’ causing pain and Bowen can help to ‘unravel’ the tissues. Pain & numbness from scars may also benefit from Bowen body work

Bowen can be used for stress management or general maintenance of the body & many other conditions. There is no need to have any conditions to experience Bowen as it is a great way of keeping the body in tip-top condition. 


Sessions are based in Dronfield 

Move To Heal

Is this You?

  • You want to find resolve for body pain
  • You are committed to making improvements
  • Want to work 1-1 live online to find solutions
  • Fancy regular 60 minute sessions that guide you at your own pace through gentle movement with mind coaching and 'hands off' bodywork 

Discover ..

  • From pain to pleasure, embrace movement with a focus of pleasurable gentle moves rather than going all out with gruelling workouts
  • Feel connected, You are important and matter, you possibly put others first and maybe the 'true' you is on locked away. Looking at all aspects of your life for a true connected and inclusive approach
  • Get out of pain and gain movement freedom, applying latest 'pain science' and combining many modalities to create a gentle and kind way of working that is helpful for anyone achieve a more comfy body
  • Empower your thoughts, learn to 'rewire' your mind to learn new ways and new things that can bring about a positive change
  • Using effective methods such as rocking and micro movements to help increase vagal tone to soothe the nervous system
  • Facilitate ease and efficiency of movement by assisting lymphatic flow with breathe & specialized rhythmic fascial flows


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Online Yoga

  • Fancy trying a small group movement class that has a calm & gentle approach?
  • Want to get rid of anxiety, stress & tension?
  • Looking to reduce aches & pains so you can move with more freedom and ease? 
  • Small group bespoke therapeutic yoga movement classes that have a functional- restorative- gentle approach 

Reduce aches & pains and move better within a relaxed & friendly environment with like-minded others regardless of  age, size or ability

  • Everyone should be able to feel calm, relaxed and comfortable and move without stiffness. 
  • There is no need to be bendy or flexible to attend a yoga class! No designer clothing required!
  •  Small group bespoke yoga & meditation classes for a more intimate experience 
  • A place for you to choose how much or how little you do 
  • I offer you a safe space where you can feel comfortable being you

Reclaim a better moving & thinking body


Online Yoga classes available in 6 class packages

4 live online classes per week  Mon-Thurs 7-8pm

 "At a time when I wanted to improve all areas of my life, including physical pain, better movement and connected emotional issues, Andrea’s on-line, one to one sessions, have been a blessing. She radiates calm, has a depth of listening skills, is empathetic and has a holistic approach to me, my body and mind. She has guided and helped me to ‘restore’ me"