'Unlock' Your Bodies Potential To Move With Comfort & Ease

Do your joints feel stiff?

Is getting out of bed in a morning feeling difficult?

Do you have constant back, neck, shoulder, knee & foot pain?

Are you unable to move with comfort due to pain & anxiety?


My Passion is to help anyone suffering from pain, tension, anxiety & stress, reset, restore & reclaim a better moving body. I have around 31 years experience in health & wellness & offer 1-1  & small group bespoke experiences to meet individual needs.     

I only take on a small number of new clients at a time so that I can give with best healing journey possible. I work alone using a combination of modalities to provide solutions for pain & wellbeing 

Andrea Longden x


Small Group Online Yoga 

  • Fancy trying a small group yoga class that has a calm & gentle approach?
  • Want to get rid of anxiety, stress & tension?
  • Looking to reduce aches & pains so you can move with more freedom and ease?

**I only have limited memberships due to our small group approach so if your serious about making positive changes and feeling better click above to secure your  place once you have ‘purchased’ the free class a full class timetable is available for you to choose your free slot


  • I am a passionate provider of small group bespoke yoga classes that have a functional- restorative approach 
  • My aim in to help anyone reduce aches & pains and move better within a relaxed & friendly environment with like-minded others regardless of  age, size or ability
  • I believe that everyone should be able to feel calm, relaxed and comfortable and move without stiffness. 
  • There is no need to be bendy or flexible to attend a yoga class! No designer clothing required!
  •  I provide  small group bespoke yoga classes so that I can provide individual attention 
  • A place for you to choose how much or how little you do 
  • I offer you a safe space where you can feel comfortable being you

Join us today and reclaim a better moving & thinking body


1-1 Bespoke Hands On Bodywork Therapy 

  • Have a back, knee or shoulder pain that just won’t go away?
  • Tried other therapies before but nothing has helped?
  • Would like to improve your quality of sleep & learn how to relax?
  • Feel stiff & achy?
  • Have foot pain, bunions, toes ache, plantar fasciitis?
  • Feeling stressed or anxious & would like time for you?
  • Feeling OVERWHELMED with work, life or family?
  • Discover how to reduce stress & anxiety
  • Enjoy time for you to relax & forget about anything else
  • Learn how to deal with a busy life
  • Enjoy a better nights sleep
  • Restore foot & body function and help with pain
  • Restore the 'whole' of you
  • Experience techniques that help improve whole body movement
  • Move with more efficiency

1-1 Bespoke Online Bodywork Therapy

  • Unable to stop persistent pain?
  • Feel totally 'washed out' as moving feels a huge chore?
  • Have to sit for work  8 hours a day?
  • On your feet all day?
  • Enjoy a 'whole' body & mind approach to better movement possibilities 
  • Experience a bespoke therapeutic space in the comfort of your home/private work space
  • Fit your sessions in around your life
  • Unlock your bodies potential to move with comfort & ease