About Andrea

Andrea Longden

I am Andrea Longden founder of Restore Health. I have been in the health and wellness industry for over 31 years now. I am passionate about helping anyone feel good & own a body that moves with comfort and ease.

I have been very privileged to work with some amazing educators over the past 31+ years enabling me to provide a multifaceted approach looking at the 'big picture' rather than the body in parts.


What I teach is everything I do myself.  Many of my approaches are unique. I have created a therapeutic, intelligent whole person centred movement approach designed to help eliminate pain and anxiety to give the 'just had therapy' feeling.  


Poppy one of my cats often attends live-stream classes.


Andrea Longden Yoga Teacher

"Before coming to yoga I wasn’t aware of the bad habits I have managed to accumulate. I had not real awareness of functional movement. I’m not naturally flexible. Andrea’s classes are educational and enlightening, soothing and fun. I can independently practice yoga at home to suit my mood and don’t worry about ‘poses’ from text books"


"Attending yoga has changed my stress levels. Andrea has given me tools to deal with stress and has helped me understand how my thoughts affect my day to day life. I have more stamina when we go hill walking using positive thinking as the going gets tough, my husband has noticed how yoga has helped me physically and mentally. We are always encouraged to work at our own level and never made to feel embarrassed. I really look forward to my yoga class and always feel very relaxed when I leave. Andrea is always happy, smiling and oozes positive vibes. Thanks Andrea for your amazing yoga sessions."