Do You Need a Reset?

When you actually think what you have seen, processed, overthought , inner conversations you have done today you can see why your mind may need a ‘reset’

Your body will have most probably had shoes on for 8 plus hours and maybe you have been sat down for well over 8 hours a day (remember you eat , drive & watch the tv seated). Not only sitting & footwear also you will have habitual movement patterns that you may not even know about, such has sitting cross legged, holding your head to one side. If you carry a handbag over one shoulder too then this too can lead to stiffness & tension.

For most going to a gym or starting a fitness classes as the first port of call to get moving more. While this may be all well and good but ….are you just putting more tension extra on an your body that actually needs a reset?

While group exercise classes are a great way to lift mood and get your body moving in a fun environment the ‘movements’ done may not be sufficient to undo tension from sitting causing more stiffness. ‘Functional’ gyms can be useful (conventional gyms have equipment that may not be useful for the human form ) and more and more of them are around now. Functional means that you are using your body in the way it is intended for normal living. For example laying on a squat rack pushing lots of weights with small leg movements may not be useful because that’s not how gravity works, it would be much better to squat standing…..etc

How Can You Reset the Mind & Body?

  • Have gentle fascial ‘release’ bodywork monthly (or more depending on how you use your mind/body- a busy executive who has to sit most of the day & is having to make decisions may need 2 a month)
  • If you stand most of the day then choose a ‘foot focused’ bodywork monthly
  • Join a ‘functional’ yoga class & go weekly
  • Online anxiety coaching if your mind needs a ‘bigger’ reset
  • Walk outside daily
  • Go barefoot as often as possible
  • Get enough sleep
  • Drink enough water
  • Have a relaxing bath with epsom salts

Whatever you choose to main thing is to defer pain and stiffness with movement. Some movement is better then none!