Benefits of a Yoga at Home practice


At home yoga practice

I love my at home yoga practice! With a little help you could also have your very own bespoke at home yoga practice.Being part of a class is incredibly fulfilling to have an understanding community of like minded others around you but equally having a personalized practice that is unique to you can help in many ways.  Personal training is not longer just for fitness or gyms it is for all modalities including yoga.

Benefits of yoga at home

Personal ‘yoga to home’ is ideal for ….

  • Getting a feel for yoga
  • Focusing on your personal goals
  • Creating a personal yoga at home plan
  • Help with health concerns
  • Integrating yoga skills into everyday life
  • Working at your own pace to any level
  • Lacking confidence or overwhelmed in typical class settings


Would you like to try Yoga at Home?


If you live in or near Dronfield and would like  to see if  ‘Yoga at Home’ sessions are for you I offer limited complimentary sessions

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