Nourished Wisdom

Want to live a  happy, healthy & radiant life?

Discover a new way to help you to nourish and restore your whole self and feel complete & help you dissolve guilt & shame & gain confidence


Do you want to feel better then you do right now?

Lack self confidence & self control?

No idea how to get where you want to be?


  • Experience life wisdom, food wisdom, realisation, lots of light bulb moments, feel like you again, never worry about self-doubt again, understand the WHYS so you can make the changes.
  • Learn a personalized approach that’s all about YOU
  • Gain personal power, self-belief & self-love


I live this… I get it…

My Story

I have battled with my weight for as long as I remember. I am an emotional eater. I eat when I’m happy, sad, upset…you name it and I want to eat with it. I totally get it, I know just how you feel. I tried many of the traditional ‘diets’ but they never worked long term and I ended up feeling worse and actually bigger! I reached over a UK size 32 and I was desperate to find a way to lose weight and feel ‘normal’ again. I was losing my confidence and had low self-worth.  I came across Dr Deanna Minich’s Food and Spirit way of eating & living . I was instantly hooked and signed up. I have combined this with my Yoga knowledge to find a new and exciting way to look at food, enjoy it and live the best life with no food hang ups.

The very simple approach of using colour that heals how we eat and why  was the missing piece not only did reduce my size to 22 in over 2 years but I have kept it off using these lifestyle tools. Over 5 dress sizes less using this very simple lifestyle change.

I am still on my journey! This is no quick fix it is a personal journey with yourself for yourself to restore and nourish your whole self


Nourished Wisdom is a personal transformation through food, eating and living that restores and nourishes the whole self, I love to help anyone make better choices for the future 

If You…

  • Feel you have lost your way
  • Fear you will fail
  • Lost your sparkle
  • Have no self- confidence
  • Full of self-doubt

I can help you!

From the comfort of your own home via online session designed to help you….

  • Take back your power
  • Feel totally supported
  • Fill in the missing piece
  • Feel motivated and inspired
  • Transform the way you FEEL about YOU

Carole’s Journey

icon” I wanted to learn more about the 7 systems of health & I had no reservations working with Andrea. I as very motivated, comfortable and feel inspired”

Amelia’s Journey

icon “I feel comfortable with Andrea and not nervous. She is supportive, positive and informative and has opened my mind to understand the steps towards eating/wellbeing”

Andrea’s Journey

icon “I have battled for all my life with a weight issue. When I started to eat and think about food based on the 7 systems of health I felt empowered and so energized to have found the ‘missing piece’ in the weight management battle. Its more then just food and I learned that with Dr Minich its also about life and how you think and feel. This holistic approach to food and living was so empowering and since I have been living this way I have lost around 5 dress sizes I don’t count calories, I’m not hard of myself, I sleep better, I feel whole and vital. I am still on my journey but it is a joyous journey. I became a certified Food & Spirit Practitioner so that I can help you on your journey. I can honestly say that this journey has been life changing in all ways”

You are the only thing holding yourself back!

Nourished Wisdom is an alternative to self-denial! Change your life!

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