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If you …..

Fancy trying a yoga class that has a calm & gentle approach?

Thinking about reducing stress & tension?

Looking to reduce aches & pains?


Why work with me….

  • I am a passionate provider of small group bespoke yoga classes that have a restorative approach


  • My aim in to help anyone move & feel better within a relaxed & friendly environment with like minded others regardless of  age, size or ability


  • I believe that everyone should be able to feel calm, relaxed and comfortable and move without stiffness.  There is no need to be bendy or flexible to attend a yoga class!

Small bespoke friendly classes

Why do I know I can help you….

  • Yoga is my passion


  •  I provide  small group bespoke yoga classes so that I can provide individual attention with peace and serenity.


  •  I offer you a space where you can feel comfortable being you!


  • I HAVE BEEN THERE! Stiff, achy, stressed, feeling anxious because I have no time. Self conscious because I am large.