Yoga means different things to each person, some believe that you have to be flexible or stand on your head to practice yoga but this is far from what yoga is about.

Yoga to me is a tool that allows you to live a happy & healthy life.  All ‘life lessons’ are contained within most yoga classes giving you ways to feel vital & whole

You can take away as much or as little as you choose & move as much or as little as you choose. There are many different styles of yoga.

What style of Yoga is Restore Health?

I have refined my own unique style of yoga over the many years I have been teaching, I would describe it as Inclusive, functional,  restorative Yoga. It is a gentle slower style of yoga

What makes this style of Yoga different?

Rather than lots of static postures classes have more moving postures that are more transferable to modern living. I give more information then instruction so that class members can empower themselves using inner wisdom to do as much or as little as they need.  We all lead different lives and have different needs so I feel it is important to personalize a practice.

What is does Functional mean?

This is adapting postures to be useful for modern living. Humans need to be able to walk & run efficiently, climb stairs, sit & stand, reach to the side, twist, reach up and other everyday movements. My aim at class is to incorporate multi directional moving to stimulate these natural movements so they are helpful to ‘reset’ good patterns of movement. We wear shoes and sit down too much so this creates ‘shoe tension’ & ‘chair tension’ leading to stiffness which can become a painful problem if not addressed

Can anyone come to Restore Health Classes?

Any adults are welcome although numbers are restricted as the classes are small group only

When are where are the classes?

Classes are live-streamed direct to your home from mine with love and passion ( and Poppy & Chloe my cats)

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