Yoga, it’s all about YOU!


Yoga is all about YOU!

What do I mean by this? Simply that yoga is not really a set of deep ‘stretches’ that are shapes or poses its really a toolkit for life. My definition of yoga is that it is a Universal tool to assist with life mastery. You can extract just what you want from a yoga practice.

What is doing yoga?

Well it is more than just a set of postures they way you lead your life can be yogic, meaning mastering a happy healthy life.  Being grateful about what you have and being kind to anyone you meet are all ways to enrich your life, being able to go with the flow without judgement, walking in nature & eating wholesome nourishing food are all ways of yoga.

Why do I do yoga?

Well I came into yoga quiet by default, I was at a fitness convention and I attended one of the workshops that I thought was new step class stuff and was actually yoga! I was hooked and wanted to learn more and more and I loved the way it made me feel. Back 20+ years ago the fitness industry was all about postures and being flexible & strong so far from the yoga I do and teach now.  After gaining the British Wheel of Yoga teaching diploma I did more training and my thing is really less is more. I have attended and taught lots of posture full yoga classes that feel a bit to fitness for me as yoga is really a spiritual practice and to miss that out means its just a stretch class called yoga. Being a plus size teacher I really needed to develop a style of yoga that not only balances the whole physical body but also that balances the emotional, thinking & breathing body that suits anyone regardless of size or advancement. I specialize in teaching women with small group classes and also 1-1 yoga.  I cannot imagine not practicing yoga.

Its about YOU!

I favour a style of teaching that allows my members to actually feel & think for themselves. I could very easily put together yoga that flows pose to pose but I choose not to, instead I give members time to connect, enquire &  find the way that suits their body because we are individual and one size does not fit all. We hold individual emotions and use our bodies in different ways, eat & sleep different so I encourage an individual approach where choice, freedom and confidence are in abundance. These skill then transfer off the mat to life

Small groups & 1-1

I now only teach small group classes so my members can feel safe, secure and totally cared for. I also teach yoga 1-1. I do offer a small number of FREE yoga taster classes so that anyone can try my style as well as FREE taster 1-1 sessions