Why do we self-sabotage?

Why do we self-sabotage
We are so hard on ourselves! Most of us self-sabotage! I know that I do so why do we do this?
The simple answer to this is that we do not value ourselves enough. We put blocks in the way all the time!

Top 3 self-sabotage blocks

Top blocks used that are really saying  “I do NOT value myself at ALL”

  • I do not have time (I am not good enough so I will MAKE myself seem busy)
  • I cannot afford this (I’m not good enough to invest in myself)
  • I cannot justify paying for something I don’t really use much ( I cannot justify self improvement as I am not good enough)
How often do you say the above?
How many wonderful experiences are you missing out on?Time – this is a human invention! I rarely wear a watch. We use work as a tool to busy ourselves making excuses that we need to stop late or we have this to do or that to do. The question is Why are you making yourself so busy? No employer in the UK can ‘make’ you work lots of hours and you have a choice! So what are you trying to avoid?  No one works 24/7 so in reality everyone does have time if you choose to!  Housework or gardening is another time excuse we use. Bite size cleaning and gardening or get a cleaner/gardener to do it for you. This frees up ‘time’ to do stuff you love and that will leave you feeling more whole satisfied

Money – Another human invention! An energy source we use in exchange for goods & services. Now money is another subject all together and I can do a post on money blocks another time. By saying you ‘cannot afford’ is setting yourself up to feel the lack. But is this true? I have seen many say this in huge cars with designer handbags so really its not the case its that you don’t value you enough to invest in you.

How to ‘make’ time and feel rich
Start small!
Coffee with friends
Purchase organic food (just 1 or 2 bits)
Buy a some nail files or a nail varnish
Get a face pack and have your own facial
Carve out time and invest in YOU. We have a choice and I believe a birthright to feel good and happy.
You will have your own personal list but do invest in YOU the time and money spent on you is never a waste it is an act of self love. Start small then gradually start adding in more as you ‘smash’ the sabotage blocks
Case study 
Sam is one of my beautiful yoga class members who works full time and has 2 small children and she invests both time & money and comes to 3 classes a week! Here’s why Sam comes to class…..

1) what did you feel like before you can to yoga? Before I tried yoga I didn’t feel particularly stressed or negative but now I realise I was both of those things. I also felt so rushed! I would focus a lot on what wasn’t going well, what I was doing wrong and I wasn’t appreciating the positive. I couldn’t have imagined how much of a difference yoga would make to my mindset. I tried yoga as i was interested in using it as a form of exercise but I have learned from this class that movement is just one of the benefits.

2) how has coming to yoga changed how you feel? I didn’t really know how to relax before I tried yoga, but I didn’t realise it! I would do a lot of things without thinking- unconsciously eating, or spending hours on my phone. Things that I saw as ‘treats’ but wouldn’t make me feel my best. Coming to yoga has given me space to think, relax and change to a more positive and kind way of thinking. I am more aware of my habits and look after myself more. I couldn’t imagine my life without yoga now, the busier I am, the more it helps.

3) What drives you to keep coming to yoga? It’s so easy to come to class. It never feels like a chore and I always look forward to it. I do 3 classes most weeks. I feel so much better afterwards, Andrea is so welcoming, and we all have a chat after class so it’s social too. I have two little ones at home and having that time to myself for an hour allows me to embrace the craziness at home rather than fight it.

4) Would you recommend Restore Health yoga to others? Definitely! And I do all the time! I’ve learned so much and everything we’re taught is useful. I know much more about how my body works and how to look after it-inside and out. Coming to this class is one of the best things I have ever done.

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Love Andrea x