What Bowen

What is Bowen?

Bowen is a gentle form of bodywork. Light rolling touch is involved to specific points on the body with rests between sets of moves to create a response that can have a powerful effect on bad backs, frozen shoulders, neck pain etc. The treatment is very relaxing and truly holistic meaning that the whole self is addressed rather than just a specific condition. While generally undertaken while laying down to encourage deep relaxation the treatment can be administered in any position such as a wheelchair.

What is Bowen useful for?

Many conditions can be addressed with Bowen including stress related issues, respiratory conditions, sports injuries hormonal imbalances, digestive issues  and much more. Because of the gentle nature of Bowen it is suitable for anyone from newborn the the elderly.

Where did Bowen come from?

Bowen is named after the creator Tom Bowen who lived in Geelong Australia and created this unique therapeutic modality he had a very busy practice until his death in the 1980s.

I trained as a practitioner in 2001  & I have never looked back! This therapy really does excite me because it feels like having magic in your hands. I have seen such amazing results from my many clients. I myself have also seen results. I had chronic lower back pain from my years has a fitness instructor and after 3-4 Bowen sessions I no longer have back pain.  Bowen can also be used for keeping the body in tip top condition there is no need to have any niggles to have a Bowen session!

Feedback from clients…

“Thank you Andrea for my first Bowen Technique today, you really made me feel totally relaxed & at ease. 
I was absolutely relaxed through the whole treatment & the warmth from your hands was truly amazing. 
The right sided pressure i get on the right side of my face, ear & jaw on a daily basis due to my Vestibular Migraines has virtually gone & my whole body feels so much more subtle, less stiff. I am truly amazed by this treatment & will definitely be having more. Thank you🙏 ♥️” Louise

“I had 3 courses of Bowen therapy for the first time. I didn’t know what to expect. A friendly sympathetic and very professional approach. The treatment itself was amazing and treated my whole wellbeing not just my sciatica. I wouldn’t have gotto to perform in my Ice Show if it wasn’t for Restore Health 
Thankyou x” Helen

“Thankyou so much Andrea for my treatment today. I felt so relaxed, safe and confident that you could help me. Highly recommended. At the moment I have no pain.” Karen




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