Shoulder Pain Testimonial

Steph came to see me with an ongoing shoulder pain that kept her awake at night. The chronic pain had been there for over a year





Here is what Steph had to say about her treatment experience…

How did you feel before treatment?
I have struggled with shoulder pain for around 12 months, the only way to describe it is toothache type of pain. After seeking doctors advise, they only prescribed me with painkillers to ease the pain, but I knew this would not fix the problem. Overall, the situation really lowered my mood and prevented me from sleeping and exercising.

How has it changed?
The 6 treatments I had with Andrea  was worth every penny! I saw an improvement each time. The Bowen therapy really eased of the pain of my shoulder but also helped with other problems I didn’t even know I had, such as stiff neck and a slight hip misalignment from having an office job. Andrea also worked on my movement as I changed my posture due to being in pain, the movement technique has now been adapted into my every day life to prevent any problems in the future. Andrea also lifted my spirit with each treatment, teaching me breathing techniques and changing my mindset of dealing with the pain. I realised I had gotten used to waking up in the middle of the night but I wasn’t actually in pain.

Would you recommend the treatment?
100%. Not only is Andrea amazing at healing you, she really put you at ease in her lovely home and you will leave feeling positive.


Having a treatment experience with me at Restore Health Dronfield

Getting anyone out of pain & moving with more ease is my aim! Bowen the amazing effective hands on therapy is teamed up with functional corrective moves to do at home, breathing techniques, mindset & lifestyle modifications. This powerful combination not only empowers you but is very effective at reducing pain, stiffness, stress & anxiety and much more