Reflexology, what’s it all about?


What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is the science & art of optimizing healing properties through the feet and hands. An understanding of anatomy & physiology and a passion for feet and the human form are essential skills for reflexologists. This unique therapy has a set of practical skills using specific thumb & finger techniques based on anatomical reflex points that correspond to all areas of the human body such as organs that reflexologists need to be competent in the application of to bring about whole wellbeing and balance.  Further important skills such as compassion, understanding and good listening are essential for providing a therapeutic encounter. Reflexology is a professional & well sort after therapy that can help bring about change when applied with intention and love.

Is all Reflexology the same?

No! But that is only a good thing.  A skilled reflexologist will craft the treatment to the individual. There are so many different types of reflexology specialising in various health giving areas. Some techniques are very light & gentle and others have a deeper pressure, some are clinical others therapeutic neither is right or wrong this is personal preference.

How do I choose a Reflexologist?

You have to like them and feel a connection and not be pressured into further treatments until you are sure it’s the right thing for you.  A sign of a good therapist is passion!

  • Check the qualifications & insurance & any professional memberships
  • Do you feel at ease?
  • Ask questions, any qualified/skilled reflexologist will love to answer questions
  • Do you feel cared for?
  • Do you like the treatment?

Remember not all treatments are the same, if that style does not suit you then find another practitioner. There are many amazing therapists & I am happy to suggest ones that I have treatments with, who I know may be of value to my clients.

What types of Reflexology are there?

Lots! Here are a few …

  • Gentle Touch – Sue Ricks
  • Lymph Drainage – Sally Kay (RLD)
  • Babies & Children – Sue Ricks
  • Structural – Geraldine Villeneuve
  • Cancer & Palliative Care – Sue Ricks
  • Chi – Moss Arnold
  • Vertical – Lynne Booth (VRT)
  • Pain management -Carol Samuel

These are examples of Reflexologists who have crafted a skill to teach other reflexologists. But all  practitioners will have their own set of skills some unique to them.

What style of Reflexology do you do?





I created a unique style called  Corrective Reflexology which has 3/4 pillars of wisdom that I have collected over 30 years of helping people with health & wellbeing.  My style is both therapeutic and anatomical to bring about foot to body function and relieve foot pain and many foot issues such has hammer toes, bunions, plantar fasciitis & more

1) Gentle reflexology to bring calm & balance (Foot Yoga!)

2) Fascial release to balance the whole fascial network

3) Corrective techniques based on anatomy & physiology

4) Aftercare advice for foot to body function