Movement Mornings


Are you feeling stiff or in pain? Maybe you are overwhelmed or anxious about going out. As a body and movement practitioner I am unable to do any form of therapy currently and I understand this but I get that you may be missing your regular therapy sessions. You may have regular massage, reflexology, Bowen…… and I do know that after therapy feeling!

I have come up with a way that will give the ‘after therapy feeling’ but most of all will give the benefits plus a whole lot more. It is a innovative whole-body and mind approach that will help to restore movement, reduce stiffness and stress. I have created a fusion of restorative yoga, fascial awareness, structural integrity, meditation and life coaching.
With any therapy is not the same when you try to give it to yourself as you really need your practitioner (I know I give myself Bowen weekly but I would rather this be done by a forwards thinking practitioner) BUT with ‘Movement Mornings you can get the ‘therapy room feeling’ and more………

  • Tools to use that assist with self healing that feel amazing
  • Ways to ‘reset’ your mind to gain clarity & joy
  • Lifestyle coaching tips
  • Few fascial ‘moves’ you can do at home to ‘restart’ healing
  • Time out for yourself
  • The after therapy feeling that can last longer!
  • All the amazing chilled our feelings during a therapy session
  • Much more value than a 1 hour therapy session!!

Investment: £35

Next Steps
This is a live-streaming event so places are limited !! Act quickly to secure your space