How to stop feet aching

Achy Feet

I always had achy feet for as long as I remember but always but it down to the ‘curves’ I carried and still carry. Back then I was was a fitness instructor teaching 12-14 classes a week. I wore trainers and loved to buy expensive ones thinking that they were ‘protecting’ my feet and impact forces from the ground. Back in the 90s nothing was ever taught about fascia or foot stability it was all about muscles and aerobic capacity.  The big trainer companies used to give us the impression they were looking after the feet as the trainers were so comfy.  I remember that I had a pair of wedge slip ons that I used to wear all the time as they were comfy. See the pattern?  Feet encased in footwear!

20-15 years ago when I discovered yoga I didn’t need to wear trainers just bare feet. Just moving in bare feet starts to bring function back to the feet. Getting skin to ground so vital!  There are thousands of receptors & nerve endings on the bottom of the foot that are very sensitive the each move we make. These sensors cannot possible function effectively encased in socks and shoes. The feet and human movement is totally amazing and the foot itself is a work of genius is has 26 bones, 19 muscles, 107 ligaments & 33 joints so a bit complex so you can see how the feet can so easily make compensations for how we pack them into footwear that does not serve human movement.

Foot to body

The fascia that binds and holds our bodies together has ‘movement planes’ (Tom Myers- Anatomy Trains) that all start at the foot! So if the foot is not functioning correctly then the movement up the through the body can be compromised.

Functional foot & body movement is essential for movement efficiency.





How to stop feet aching?

  1. Go barefoot as much as possible
  2. Walk on different surfaces such as grass, sand, ribbled ….
  3. Mobilize the feet to release ‘shoe tension’
  4. Stabilize the feet
  5. Connect foot to body by integrating foot & hip strength

My aim

I love training and I do lots of it so that I can provide a positive impact on health & wellbeing by providing gentle effective ways to restore movement function and reduce aches & pains. I use 5 key modalities to help me achieve this

  1. Yoga- Calm, functional & restorative style
  2. Bowen- fascial release
  3. Corrective Reflexology- unique treatment I created for helping mobilize feet
  4. Barefoot specialist- foot specific programming
  5. Food, eating & living coach- learning to choose the right way for you to eat & live

I use all joined up thinking from all of the 5 above sometimes as a stand alone or sometimes for than I as each yoga class or therapy client is different.

If you have achy feet or an achy body and you would like to try yoga or a therapy please fill in the form below..