1-1 Bespoke Hands On Bodywork Therapy 

Help with back pain in Dronfield

All hands on Bodywork is bespoke to individual needs.

Whole mind, body & lifestyle are taken into consideration

Sessions can either body or foot focused


Bowen Therapy in Dronfield

Is this You?

  • Have a back, knee or shoulder pain that just won’t go away
  • Tried other therapies before but nothing has helped
  • Would like to improve your quality of sleep & learn how to relax
  • Would like to restore & maintain a better moving body
  • Want to rebalance & have a whole person approach

Why choose Bowen Therapy?

  • Bowen is a gentle & relaxing therapy that requires no manipulation or adjustment
  • Clothing can stay on during a Bowen session & relief is regularly felt immediately or within 48 hours in most cases
  • Bowen aims to help restore & rebalance the whole body having a positive effect on pain management, quality of sleep, relaxation & chronic fatigue & so much more……
  • It’s a great way to manage stress & anxiety

What happens during a Bowen session?

Treatments are for approximately 45-60 minutes. Following a full consultation the treatment consists of gentle rolling moves across key areas of the body over light clothing. Breaks are incorporated into the treatment to allow the body to rest & rebalance. Bowen helps to 're-arrange' soft tissue in order for you to move efficient and pain free.  Because of the repeated patterns we do such has sitting the fascia can become ‘stuck’ causing pain and Bowen will help to ‘unravel’ the tissues. Pain & numbness from scars may also benefit from Bowen body work. 


Bowen can be used for stress management or general maintenance of the body & many other conditions. There is no need to have any conditions to experience Bowen as it is a great way of keeping the body in tip-top condition. Scar 'release' work can also be included in a Bowen session



Is this you?

  • Have foot pain, bunions, toes ache, plantar fasciitis
  • Feeling stressed or anxious & would like time for you
  • Feeling overwhelmed with achy painful feet
  • Want feet that feel more comfortable
  • Want to understand how important foot function is
  • Would like feet that feel part of the rest of the body

Why choose a whole body foot focused session?

  • Discover how to reduce stress & anxiety
  • Enjoy time for you to relax & forget about anything else
  • Enjoy a better nights sleep
  • Restore foot function and help with foot pain
  • Restored from the ground upwards
  • Experience foot function techniques that help improve whole body movement
  • Move with more efficiency

What happens at a Restore my Feet session?

A full consultation with foot & body movement assessment to help treat the underlying cause of any pain or tension. Restorative foot function therapy fused with gentle reflexology & whole bodywork  to not only help you reduce stress & anxiety but also to help reduce foot pain & improve foot to body function. Aftercare advice & foot function techniques may be given.