1-1 Bespoke Online Bodywork Therapy

How to get out of pain

Therapy Sessions Redefined

Signature 12 week Programme for you if....

  • You want to find resolve for body pain
  • You are committed to making improvements
  • Are willing to put in the effort to get results
  • Want to work 1-1 to find solutions


Weekly 60 minute sessions that guide you at your own pace through gentle movement with mind coaching and 'hands off' bodywork 


Discover ....

  • From pain to pleasure, embrace movement with a focus of pleasurable gentle moves rather than going all out with gruelling workouts
  • Feel connected, You are important and matter, you possibly put others first and maybe the 'true' you is on locked away. Looking at all aspects of your life for a true connected and inclusive approach
  • Get out of pain and gain movement freedom, applying latest 'pain science' and combining many modalities to create a gentle and kind way of working that is helpful for anyone achieve a more comfy body
  • Empower your thoughts, learn to 'rewire' your mind to learn new ways and new things that can bring about a positive change


Translating Touch Therapy to Online Therapy