Does Your Mind Hurt?

Do you feel that there is no way out?

Can’t stop thinking about something?

Wake up in the night with a tight feeling across your chest?


If you are experiencing some or all of the below……

The need for alcohol daily

Feeling frustrated or angry

No motivation, spending endless time watching tv or on pc

Eating changes, eating more or less than usual

Increased use of stimulants… coffee, drugs

Chances are that you may have Mind Pain ( sometimes called, anxiety, stress, panic episodes…..ect)


Why Does this Happen

We live in a information rich world, social media is incredible if used correctly but when abused can really hurt the mind.  There are many other factors that can lead to feeling ‘out of sorts’ , ‘all alone’ , ‘sad’ & panic attacks can occur at anytime.  We overthink, the more you dwell on something then it intensifies and spirals out of control. Going over stuff and feeling regret will drop your deeper & deeper into mind pain.  Reliving past experiences that hurt you will hurt even more each time your re-visit as they will get bigger & bigger until you lose control and the mind pain wins.

Mind pain is often overlooked unlike body pain but like the body the mind also needs a ‘reset’ from time to time





A Way Out

There IS a way out of the downwards spiral. You are born to thrive, feel joyful & happy this IS your birthright and CAN be achieved with some constructive self help methods

Reset the mind & break the Downwards Spiral

  • Increase contact with social relationship such and family & friends
  • Sleep is essential for healing and repair so set a time to go to bed and one to get up and try and stick to it
  • Move your body, dance around to music or join a class such has yoga or anything else you fancy
  • Nourish with colourful plant foods, herbs & spices
  • Get creative , sewing, drawing, singing whatever you enjoy
  • Meditate & deep breathing daily
  • Use power phrases such as ‘I AM enough’  ‘ I AM safe’
  • Laugh, watch a funny film or use your mind to think of a funny situation you have been in or seen
  • Smile more
  • Default day plan, sometimes it helps to have structure
  • Essential oil, using any essential oil can help to stimulate calm
  • Have an holistic hands on therapy
  • Contact an holistic  mind/body coach – being heard is important!
  • Keep a journal
  • Have a ‘mind flash card’ at hand ( a thought that makes you feel good you can ‘flash up’ when you are starting to overthink)

Remember that….

  • You are NOT alone
  • Nothing is as bad as you think
  • There is ALWAYS a way out 
  • You CAN & WILL heal mind pain

Help is Here

Once you accept personal responsibility of mind pain then help is here. You choose your own route of healing with a little help and accountability. I can help you!  There is no need to discuss the details of the issue if you feel its too private as we can still work with your emotions and heal the mind pain with a route that feels comfortable to you

Appointments can be in person or video call via your phone, tablet or laptop.

Step 1

Accept responsibility for your emotional/mind pain

Step 2

Recognise that you need help to heal

Step 3

Email me:  for a FREE ‘ Help me heal my mind pain’ 30 minute video call

If you connect with me and want me to help you further then we can discuss a personal healing route for you