Restore My Body

If you…..

  • Have a back, knee or shoulder pain that just won’t go away
  • Tried other therapies before but nothing has helped
  • Would like to improve your quality of sleep & learn how to relax
  • Would like to restore & maintain a better moving body
  • Want to rebalance & have a whole person approach

Why Choose Bowen…..

  • Bowen is a gentle & relaxing therapy that requires no manipulation or adjustment
  • Clothing can stay on during a Bowen session & relief is regularly felt immediately or within 48 hours in most cases
  • Bowen aims to help restore & rebalance the whole body having a positive effect on pain management, quality of sleep, relaxation & chronic fatigue & so much more……
  • It’s a great way to manage stress & anxiety

What happens during a Bowen session?

Restore & heal ..

Treatments are for approximately 45-60 minutes. Following a full consultation the treatment consists of gentle rolling moves across key areas of the body over light clothing. Breaks are incorporated into the treatment to allow the body to rest & rebalance. Bowen is a fascial ‘release’ therapy. Fascia is the network of tissues that hold the body together. Fascia tissue needs to be able to glide freely in order for you to move efficient and pain free.  Because of the repeated patterns we do such has sitting the fascia can become ‘stuck’ causing pain and Bowen will help to ‘unravel’ the tissues. Pain & numbness from scars may also benefit from Bowen body work

Improve mood & sleep ….

Bowen can be used for stress management or general maintenance of the body & many other conditions. There is no need to have any conditions to experience Bowen as it is a great way of keeping the body in tip-top condition. Scar release work is also included in a Bowen session

“Thoroughly enjoying my Bowen Therapy treatments at Restore health. Everyone should have an Andrea Longden in their life. Thankyou x “

“I spent a few hours tidying the garden and planting those forgotten flower bulbs. This time last week I could hardly walk without pain never mind spend time in the garden. And it’s all down to Andrea Longden’s loving care using the Bowen technique. I feel blessed to know such a talented person. Thank you Andrea”

I am very busy helping many clients optimize health & wellness, if you are serious about improving your health  please get in touch