Adding Wisdom to Yoga

 A Wise approach to Yoga

Practicing yoga is much more about the ‘pose’ but much more about how to get where you are going. Rather than a series of postures one after another a wiser approach is to gently move and enquire at each stage making refinements and observations.  To simply be in a pose will not really address the functional movement needed for everyday life. While some stillness is beneficial a more restorative approach would be more helpful.

A gentle & kinder Yoga

Restorative movements are about ‘unravelling’ myofascial tissue from daily life or long term habits. Tension can occur from the emotions held within and restorative movements are therapeutic and gentle and will also allow the ‘flow’ of emotions.A gentle approach will allow for change. Sometimes the posture approach is about just doing rather than allowing! Practicing a series of gentle moves to invoke enquiry allowing a deep dive into the self.  We are much more than physical beings we have energy, emotions, thoughts, feelings.  How you ‘feel’ emotionally  will greatly affect how you feel in movement and how you lead your life.

Regular yoga practice

Regular practice will ensure better results and awareness of self.  To be conscious of self and surroundings is vital for ensuring a happy, healthy and radiant life. Advancement in a yoga practice is not about how far you can get into a pose but more about how you think and feel and live your life.

My kind of yoga

Restore Health yoga classes are small, friendly, restorative and gentle. You are important and in total control of what you do or do not do. Limited FREE taster classes are available for anyone who is serious about improving health and lifestyle.

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