Success Stories from Members & Clients

What our lovely members & clients say about our services……

“Before coming to yoga I was lacking in confidence and my ability to be able to do yoga , the only reservations I had about coming to yoga was not knowing how big the class would be as I get anxious closed in a room full of people. Coming to classes with you has been amazingly uplifting , relaxing yet energising and I feel comfortable, safe and nurtured , you have given me the confidence so see that I am able to do things within my own levels and that I can allow myself an hour of beneficial me time , I enjoy seeing the passion you have for helping others and sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm ”  Kirsty B

“I am quite an active person but always had a love for yoga. However knee  Problems have prevented me from doing classes .
My only reservation was if I would be able to do the class due to knee stiffness. When I read that you took on all abilities to ones own level I found it reassuring. I did yoga with you many years ago I have found this to be very different.
I enjoy the reinforcement of self worth and the calming soothing effect that the
class has.The one best result is definitely feeling freer in my movements (although the knees
are still a problem 😊). My hips and shoulders generally feel much freer even though I wasn’t aware
of any problems before. I love the classes 😊”  Bev C

“Before I started yoga my situation was good other than experiencing back problems which is the reason for me trying yoga for the first time. Since having my little girl 2 years ago I’ve had back problems and the physio thinks it’s due to my c-section leaving me with weak core muscles making my back over compensate.

My only hesitation for joining yoga was if I would enjoy it as I have always done very high instensity workouts so I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy something which is less intense. (But I definatly have) 😊👍

Yoga with you has been an absolute pleasure😊 you make the class so relaxing and enjoyable. I really look forward to coming each week and feel good after I’ve been. I like how you encourage the mindfulness and I’ve been trying to use this more in everyday life.

The best result I’ve noticed is more flexibility and movement across my shoulder blades. When I first started I could lay on my back with arms touching the floor and it was painful across my shoulder blades to even try. But now it’s comfortable and relaxing and my arms reach flat on the floor. The other result I’ve noticed I’m more aware of how I move and take more care when bending and use my feet/legs to help push myself up.” Laura

“Before coming to yoga I wasn’t aware of the bad habits I have managed to accumulate. I had not real awareness of functional movement. I’m not naturally flexible. Andrea’s classes are educational and enlightening, soothing and fun. I can independently practice yoga at home to suit my mood and don’t worry about ‘poses’ from text books” Diane E

“Attending yoga has changed my stress levels. Andrea has given me tools to deal with stress and has helped me understand how my thoughts affect my day to day life. I have more stamina when we go hill walking using positive thinking as the going gets tough, my husband has noticed how yoga has helped me physically and mentally. We are always encouraged to work at our own level and never made to feel embarrassed. I really look forward to my yoga class and always feel very relaxed when I leave. Andrea is always happy, smiling and oozes positive vibes. Thanks Andrea for your amazing yoga sessions.” Angela B

“Having attended a group some years ago I wanted to regain some or all of the advantages I had enjoyed in the past from Yoga.

Being older – and stiffer! – I had some reservations, but found the quietness of the venue, class size and times and Andrea’s approach comforting. The advantage gained from each posture is fully explained and demonstrated. Limitations are fully accepted!

Andrea uses her skills and rapport with people to our advantage. Her touch during a held posture infuses warmth and wellbeing – that is her gift.

I look forward to my weekly sessions and try hard to incorporate some time in the day to yoga and thought.

I would recommend this class to any” Eleanor M

“I decided to come to yoga as I was struggling with back pain & also felt in need of some time for myself. I was a little worried the yoga would involve holding poses that I would be unable to maintain. I needn’t have worried! Andrea has a fantastic approach to her yoga class, she encourages us to do what feels right for us. There is no straining, tightening or holding of positions that don’t feel right. Andrea has a lovely calming influence over the class & a healing touch. I definitely get my ‘me’ time & leave Andreas class feeling calm, relaxed & centred. I would, and regularly do, recommend Andreas yoga to anyone” Jo G

“Before I came to yoga I felt stuck, stuck I’m various aspects and ways, not only physically in a routine but emotionally and mentally in my own body and mind.

I was worried I wouldn’t fit in, I would look stupid as I wouldn’t be able to do the physical aspect and I felt like I might not fit in and connect with anyone.

It has been awakening and freeing! I feel open and connected not only to myself but others and I feel able to be myself on good days and bad. I feel safe and valued. I feel like a weight has been lifted to allow me to think clearer and this has impacted me physically and I feel more balanced.

The one best result is being happy to be me-understanding that I am enough ….if not sometimes more than enough! 😊” Amelia B

“I was very anxious and depressed, I was anxious about meeting new people. Andrea is very patient and kind, she has not expectations. Learning mindfulness has helped me cope with my anxieties” Sheila W