Corrective Reflexology

If you…

  • Have foot pain, bunions, toes ache, plantar fasciitis
  • Feeling stressed or anxious & would like time for you
  • Feeling OVERWHELMED with work, life or family
  • Is a busy mind affecting your sleep
  • Want feet that feel more comfortable
  • Want to understand how important foot function is & how much better functionalized feet feel

Why have corrective reflexology…

  • Discover how to reduce stress & anxiety
  • Enjoy time for you to relax & forget about anything else
  • Learn how to deal with a busy life
  • Enjoy a better nights sleep
  • Restore foot function and help with foot pain
  • Restored from the ground upwards
  • Experience foot function techniques that help improve whole body movement
  • Move with more efficiency

What happens at a corrective reflexology session?

After a full consultation you will recline in a gravity chair or therapy table & have blankets provided for your comfort.   Restorative foot function therapy fused with gentle reflexology  to not only help you reduce stress & anxiety but also to help reduce foot pain & improve foot to body function. Aftercare advice & foot function techniques may be given. 

“I am really impressed with the difference yesterday’s session has made. It feels like you have pressed the reset button on my feet! My feet have been painful and stiff on waking and after sitting for long periods felt somehow ‘wrong’ and the mechanics felt they were not working properly. After reflexology it felt like the balance in my feet is somehow ‘right’ again and it feels as if all parts of my feet move as they should”

“So today I had a session of corrective reflexology with Andrea Longden my feet, ankles and legs feel amazing my toes feel more open and I definitely feel more grounded and connected would especially recommend to anyone who spends prolonged amounts of time on their feet as I have done in the past, the circulation in my legs has improved too. Thank you Andrea your a reflexology genius especially loved the signature moves xxx”

*I only have limited spaces available as I am busy helping my lovely clients feel good and improve foot pain and restore function. Please email me  if you can’t find a space suitable on the portal & will try my best to find you a slot. If you prefer human interaction please call me 07905 327242
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