Success Stories from Members & Clients

What our lovely members & clients say about our services…… “Before coming to yoga I was lacking in confidence and my ability to be able to do yoga , the only reservations I had about coming to yoga was not knowing how big the class would be as I get anxious closed in a room Continue reading »

Reflexology, what’s it all about?

  What is Reflexology? Reflexology is the science & art of optimizing healing properties through the feet and hands. An understanding of anatomy & physiology and a passion for feet and the human form are essential skills for reflexologists. This unique therapy has a set of practical skills using specific thumb & finger techniques based Continue reading »

Benefits of a Yoga at Home practice

  At home yoga practice I love my at home yoga practice! With a little help you could also have your very own bespoke at home yoga practice.Being part of a class is incredibly fulfilling to have an understanding community of like minded others around you but equally having a personalized practice that is unique Continue reading »

Adding Wisdom to Yoga

 A Wise approach to Yoga Practicing yoga is much more about the ‘pose’ but much more about how to get where you are going. Rather than a series of postures one after another a wiser approach is to gently move and enquire at each stage making refinements and observations.  To simply be in a pose Continue reading »