My Story

Back in 1991 I discovered I had a passion for health & well-being as I used to spend all of my spare time studying and reading any fitness/wellness articles and books. I became a qualified YMCA Exercise to Music teacher and began to teach a variety of fitness and health classes. I also gained Aerobics & Fitness Association of America certification as well as nutrition, gym instructor, fitness for children qualification &  pilates certification.

Fitness became my full time career and I taught over 12 classes a week around Sheffield. I always attended 2 fitness conventions a year with Fitness Professionals and one year I did a yoga class and that was it! Hooked for life. I loved yoga from that moment on and studied for many years to become a British Wheel of Yoga Teacher and hung up my trainers for bare feet and a yoga mat.  I added many facets onto my yoga passion and gained a meditation certification.

Yoga has helped me so much in transforming the way I think & feel. Being plus size can be difficult and create low self esteem which leads to tension then feeling stiff & achy but yoga actually make me feel lighter! I feel whole & complete.

I am also a certified Bowen Technique practitioner (fascial release) & have a Reflexology Mastership along with Reiki (energy work) all of which work so well with yoga. I have a therapy room in Dronfield I love to help my lovely clients optimize health & wellbeing

I added yet another layer onto my yoga and became a certified Food & Spirit Practitioner & Precision Nutrition Certified & I offer online support in all food, eating & living aspects. I am a certified Barefoot practitioner applying research & achieving results from foot to body.

Teaching yoga & therapy that makes a difference is my life passion, I enjoy helping anyone feel vital & whole.

I attend self development & training days, workshops & weekends to ensure that I can serve my clients in the best way possible.